Company Profile

Goodscend is the first company in China which can produce vitamin K2 series products. We are committed in the pharmaceutical research and development of natural plant product and high active compound for improving people’s health and life quality, covering chemical Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates, as well as finished dosages, manufacturing and marketing the products to the domestic and international market. Goodscend keeps a stable and close relationship with School of Chemical Science and Technology, Yunnan University (SCST). To SCST, takes our company as the chemical engineering PhD’s lab and pilot plant. To us, this relationship greatly enhanced our R&D strength and production capability with the detection advantage of SCST.


Goodscend's core competence is in the development and commercialization of high Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. Our focus is on Synthetic Research and Process Development. At Goodscend, a team of talented and experienced organic researchers and chemical engineers forms the core of the company's research and development efforts. In other words, we believe that our R&D strength is a manifestation of our belief in quality and innovation. Our company is equipped with advanced synthesis, extraction and separation equipment, and detection devices, including multifunctional synthesis and extract cans, Soxhlet’s extractor, membrane separation device, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), gas chromatography (GC) and electronic analytical balance (0.01mg). In addition to our existing commercial products, Goodscend has an ongoing program to develop new APIs, the synthesis of several potent active agents such as OSW-1, pennogenin, swainsonine and methyl protodioscin is currently under development. These agents have been proven to display a broad range of biological and physiological activities, especially exhibit extraordinary antitumor, anticancer, haemostatic activities.


Goodscend is committed to focus on the customers' satisfaction. We guarantee that we will always meet or exceed our customers' expectation. Our product quality is completely controlled and strictly carried out according to criteria during the procedure of material purchasing, manufacturing, packaging, storage and transportation. Each product has its standardized process and each process has its Standard Operation Procedures (SOP). Our in-house laboratory are equipped with the advanced analytical instrument such as HPLC, ten thousandth slap-up electro-optical balance etc. Our QC-staffs operate exhaustive analysis of finished product using validated scientific methods that guarantee our products' validity, steadiness and safety.